멜로즈코리아는 국제표준규격을 준수합니다.


멜로즈코리아는 국제표준규격을 준수합니다.


ISO 22716 인증이란?

ISO 22716은 국제표준화기구(ISO) 에서 제정한 화장품 산업의 우수제조관리기준(GMP)에 관한 국제표준규격으로 아시아 국가를 포함하여 유럽의 국가에 화장품을 수출 하기 위해서는 필수요건 입니다.

품질 및 안전이 보증된 화장품을 제조하기 위한 제품, 시설 및 공정의 기준이 되며 제조업체의 장비, 원료, 제조과정, 포장, 판매 등 총 17개의 요구사항을 가지고 있습니다.

CGMP 인증과 다르게 국내 법규와 해외 법규를 모두 준수해야 하므로 제품에 대한 안정성 및 품질 관리에 있어 더욱 높은 평가를 받고 있습니다.

ISO 22716 is an excellent manufacturing and management standard for the cosmetics industry established by the International Organization for Stan-dardization(ISO) International standard for (GMP) is a requirement for exporting cosmetics to European countries, including Asian countries.

It is the standard for products, facilities and processes to manufacture cosmetics with guarandteed quality and safety It has a total of 17 requirements including manufacturer's equipment, raw materials, manufacturing process, packaging, and sales.

Unlike CGMP certification, it is highly evaluated in terms of stability and quality control of products because it must comply with both domestic and overseas regulations.

ISO 인증의 효과

ISO 22716 Requirements and Expectations

Improve marketablility by improving product reliablilty by satisfying legal requirements.

Build consumer trust through product accident prevention and safe production.

Continuous improvement and risk management.

Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary elements in the process and increasing efficiency.

Developing global markets by improving international recognition awareness.

Expectation of exemption from evaluation of GMP for overseas cosmetics.

Expect high evaluation when evaluating visits to overseas customers .

Strengthening the competitiveness of cosmetics exports by demonstrating international quality competitiveness.